FCC Artist Blog

Prep, Process and Upcoming Projects

Multicultural Festival

I will have a piece in the upcoming DSNI Multicultural Festival, Saturday, August 8th at Mary Hammond Park, across from the Kroc Center. I've been moved and inspired by the strength and number of responses to the Witness Sign on Dudley Street and the piece that I will be creating at the event hopes to captures many of the meaningful associations I have heard from people about the yellow flowers that constitute the words in the piece.

Dudley Street Signage

Ana Fidalgo, the local business owner of Nos Casa Cafe, approached me about the possibility of making banner signage that would hang from the telephone poles along the length of Dudley Street. We had a meeting with Eliza Parad, DSNI Community Organizer who works with many of the merchants, to talk about crafting a vision for the banners and an action plan to pursue project funding. Hopefully a broader AiR and Community Engagement Artist collaboration can happen around the visuals for this project.

Familia Grocery II

In continuing my interventions in La Familia, I have begun a lighting piece in the ICE CREAM case at the back of the store. The case has been the site of an installation in Familia Grocery II, where it is filled with artificial flowers. In lighting the case and adding text, I am hoping to create an experience that celebrates the unique culture and qualities of the neighborhood in an unexpected and surprising way.

Image Caption: Familia Grocery II owner Marleny's daughter, helping to install the lighting.