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T-STOP TAKEOVER and highlighting cultural assets with the Artist in Transit

The Artist inTransit worked to highlight cultural assets, while gifting basil seedlings from the food project at the four corners commuter rail stop while conducting the second T-stop takeover and riding on the 23 bus along Washington st.  It was explexpained to T riders that the Dudley greenhouse is one stop away from four Corners and is a local community asset.  Written information about the  greenhouse was given out as well to help participants keep a lasting memory of the experience.  Working together as a team! Basil seedlings were also gifted to Artist in Residence Risa Horn so that she can use them in her Art installation in La Family Bodega.

The Artist in Transit also met with local residence and community assets from the four corners community to discuss how to transform the prior t-stop takeover into a meaningful installation that will benefit the local neighborhood association and spending the word of community engagement.

Stay tuned for more Public Curation, Public Engagement and Public Preservation with The Artist in Transit